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Riyo Ujimoto Interior Design is an interior design office in Oakville, Canada which is passionate about creating space to make people comfortable, energized and happy!

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I’m Riyo Ujimoto, the founder of Riyo Ujimoto Interior Design, and offering service around Toronto. I am an interior designer who is passionate about making home which comforts, relaxes and energizes you and creating space which makes everyone happy and inspired.

I was born in Japan and live in Canada. I can see a similarity in design of both countries, brightness and natural timber, and I love them.

My favorite thing is traveling in-country and all over the world. It always brings fresh inspirations with non daily atmosphere. I am stimulated to make brandnew design by it. 

Our home also gives us an inspiration everyday through its color, fabric and scene. It’s also a mirror of ourselves. It can make us happy and smile.

I can help you to create your space giving you brightness, comfort, smile and joy! I am always happy to make you happy and smile with your home!



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“The true work of art is but a shadow of the divine perfection”




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